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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-473-7
    Edition: Paperback, 92 Pages
    Publication Date: February 28, 2013
    Humans Who Are Gifted and Can See the Supernatural Spirit Ghost World We Live in Called Ghost Haunted Adventures

    By: Derek Medina

    The author describes his experiences ghost hunting. The author also answers common questions you may have about ghosts. For instance, the author was with his wife in New York and his wife was attacked by a ghost. She was seeing a ghost and was being taunted and messed with. She informed her husband and he told her to go to sleep and he would watch over her. Minutes later he was attacked by a demon ghost and he was sick and throwing up. The author describes his experiences ghost hunting at New Orleans, Louisiana; Key West, Florida; New York, Miami, Florida; and other cities. The author discusses his experiences being attacked by ghosts, awake and sleeping. The author can relate to the world of victims who have been attacked by evil spirits.

    This book was written for those who have questions and do not understand the paranormal world we live in. The author will take you on a journey that you havenít been on, or maybe you have and can relate to what is written. The author expresses his passion for ghost hunting and when you read this book you will have an understanding of how real this is.

    The author guides the audience on resolving problems by taking the right steps to overcome the problems the readers may be having in their lives. The problem is society likes to hide from their fears. The author discusses how to help the world in changing their lives for the better by addressing the fears that havenít been resolved their whole lives. The author has written this book to help out a lot of victims who have or are dealing with situations concerning the spirit world.