Best Served Cold
By: Alyce Holmes

Best Served Cold <BR>By: Alyce Holmes
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-727-1
    Edition: Paperback, 260 Pages
    Publication Date: June 8, 2018
    Revenge is the dish thatís best served cold. Karen was living the outward appearance of a life most people would envy. Only she knew it was an abusive marriage and she had no intention of allowing it to continue.

    When her husband, Nathan, landed a new position as the Operations Manager for Duvall Beverage and Distribution, he bought her a new house, a new car and promised things would be different.

    Nathan took the job left vacant by Eric Kirkland. His death had been under mysterious circumstances and his sister, Laurel, refused to believe foul play wasnít involved and felt the need to make sure Nathan knew what might lie ahead.

    When his well planned career started to crumble at his feet, Karen happily watched from the sidelines as all Nathanís efforts to hurt her were turned towards trying to save himself....