Mik Henry's Journey
The Crossing of Parallel Paths
By: Henry M. Schmidt

Mik Henry's Journey <BR>The Crossing of Parallel Paths <br>By: Henry M. Schmidt
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-124-8
    Edition: Paperback, 162 Pages
    Publication Date: January 1, 2010
    This story is about a man’s life... It tells of his loves during the period of 1922, his birth... till his death in 2008. There are the women and all the other people, plus the aircraft that he crossed paths with during his exciting life. Times of peace and times of war...

    Heartbreak and happiness abound with his adopted son writing the whole story... Mik Henry loses his parents to violence as a young boy. He matures rapidly and soon grows to be a young man with a strong will and a loving heart... He is a fighting man thru war in the Pacific Theater.

    He finds love only to lose it over and over again until he reunites with the women who have deeply affected his life by staying in his heart. There are times of sadness and joy across the distances forced upon them.

    This story has two endings... both of which have affected our hero in different ways. Find out how he lives out his life to the fullest by reading Mik Henry’s Journey - The Crossing of Parallel Paths.

    This story could be true. The names and places in some cases are perhaps real... The times were authentic, and the Second World War was in fact a major piece of history, a small part of which takes place within the story.