Impending Danger
By: Jeanette Cooper

Impending Danger <BR>By: Jeanette Cooper
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-495-3
    Edition: Paperback, 297 Pages
    Publication Date: May 22, 2007
    Beautiful Gabrielle Hampshire is driven by the single-minded goal of discovering who she is after she witnesses a brutal murder, suffers from traumatic-shock amnesia and is abandoned to a convent. Later, secular life presents Gabrielle with dangerous challenges when she crosses paths with the killers who try to kill her, fearing she will identify them.

    Dashing Jonathan Briercliff who rescues the lovely Gabrielle from a near fatal attempt on her life and later wins her heart and hand in marriage deceives her with a growing web of lies to keep her from learning the truth about his terrible secret, which could drive her away from him. When Gabrielle finds herself in a life and death battle of wits with Jonathan's vindictive old flame, wanton storms come crashing down around her in the most desperate fight of her life.

    Impending Danger is a tale of danger, romance, and passion in a suspenseful love story that will warm your heart and keep you guessing the outcome right to the end.