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Religion Poetry Other

Pressing in with Passion for Intimacy with God
A 30 Day Devotional
By: Patricia A. Corbitt

Pot of Gold
A Collection of Poetry and Short Stories
By: Barbara Ann Mamon

Music: A Co-History Study
By: Alvin Fixler

Shalom Zone
By: Sherry Dawn
(Christian Fiction)

Secret Admirer
By: Catherin Elizabet Belle

Newest Member of the Family
By: K G Mathis
(Young Adult)

Grace Patrol
By: Sherry Dawn
(Christian Fiction)

Seeking Quietness in a World Filled with Noise
By: Seifuddin Lasana Ali

Southern Justice
By: Terrance J. Aldridge

Letís Talk About Thoughts
Expanded Edition with Word Puzzles
By: Carolyn B. Anderson

Let Me Think
Earth and Heaven Are Beautiful
Lonely Roots Poems and Prose
By: Eunice Elizabeth Purcell

ď151Ē Thinkerís Thoughts of All Fascinations Tew
Giggles from Gumbos
By: Dakota Diamond
(Short Story Collections)

Steadfast in the Faith
By: Carolyn B. Anderson

Touching Someone
Lonely Roots Poems and Prose
By: Eunice Elizabeth Purcell

Half Blind with Full Vision
By: David Espinoza

The Mentor
By: Sherry Dawn
(Christian Fiction)

Amor en el lenguaje de miradas
By: Jorge E. Freire

40 Days for Husbands
Loving Like Jesus Loved
By: Dan Stinchcomb
(Self Help)

Time for U to Choose! Part III
By: Ms. Eunice

A Walk through the Heart
By: Brandon Palys

Back to the Badlands
A Short Story from the Heart of America
By: Mark St. Thunderhawk
(Politics/Social Commentary)

The Adventures of Joseph and Life Applications
From the Pit to the Pinnacle
By: Dennis Melton

Lonely Roots Poems and Prose
By: Eunice Elizabeth Purcell

Getting To Know Marriage
By: Dr. Natika M. McNeil PhD, LPC, NCC

Hughes: Lion of American Catholicism
By: Richard Daniel McCann
(History - Religion)

Just Some Thoughts
By: Joy Mitchell-Booker

Marblemount Journal and Selected Essays, Notes, and Letters
By: Richard E. Cain

Idolatry Exposed!
By: Morris A. Inch

In Honor of Nature
By: Rhiannon Arthur

Through Their Eyes: The Quill Took Flight
An Anthology of Student Writings
Edited By: Dr. Patricia H. Graham, Ms. Amy Russ, Ms. Kay Wolf
(Short Story Collections)

Serial Murder, Solved!!!
God has Left the Building - Volume Two
By: Victor Godot

Ride The World Poems
By: Stephen R. Dilley IV and Esteban U. Irigoyen

The Oil of Conversation
By: Glenn A. Blake
(Military Fiction)

Reconcilable Differences
All You Wanted to Know About Hell but Were Afraid to Ask
By: Earl King

Rhyme with Seniors in Mind
By: Clay Warren

Aldeen the Queen
Saga of a Quaint Southern Lady
By: Buck Rish, MD

God and Man Reconciled
By: Bill Hudson

Maria Cainís Lyrics and Poems
By: Maria Cain

White Noise Stories - Volume One
By: Tammy Vreeland

Set Apart for the Fatherís Use
By: Carolyn B. Anderson

To Dream
Poetry of Diversity and Narrative
By: Judy Elizabeth Griffith

A Journey into Dreamland
By: John P. Rogowski

Dealing with the Fleshpots in Our Lives
By: Carolyn B. Anderson

40 Nights of Faith
By: Vicky Deaver
(Poetry - Christian)

Beyond Sugar Time
By: L.A. Malby

Secrets In The Well... How Deep Is Your Well?
Honesty And Grace, The Deep Well Cleanser
By: Betty F. Thompson

Step Into Your Authority: A Poetic Expression
By: Ronald Louis Mays
(Poetry - Christian)

Quantum River
By: Kosol Ouch, Eric Dalnes, Xing Chen, LuLu Liu, Robert Avetisian

Godís Grace and Our Gifts
By: Sam Leroy Thompson

Iím Not a Poet, I Just Make Words Rhyme
By: Linda J. Scott

Twenty Exhilarating New Stories
By: Dalward J. DeBruzzi

Eating at the Fatherís Table and Enjoying Every Bite
By: Carolyn B. Anderson

Lost In Emotions
By: W. K. Barkley

Triumph of the Skies
Book Two of the Trilogy: Ghost Words and Puppet Plays
By: Thomas Hoffman
(Historical Fiction)

The Temple of Dry Bones
The Reality of the People in Church Today
By: Gladys Pringle

Your Dimples Are the Reason
A collection of poetry
By: Goran Rahim

The Farmer and the Bandit
By: Kent Marchant

Loaded with Godís Ammunition
By: Carolyn B. Anderson

Just the Image of Me
By: Elbert L. Sharp

Imaginary 12 - Final Fantasy
By: Dakota Diamond

Lent Prayers and Meditations
A day-by-day-devotional guide.
By: Aida M. Rabenhorst

My Way Is Poetry
By: Suzanne Pelton

Cheese from the Moon
By: Lu Raldiris

Sisters Who Come Together
By: Janice Beard
(Christian Fiction)

Lip Service
The Foolishness of Man
By: Joy Mitchell-Booker

Maciís Place
The Loss of a Child through a Fatherís Eyes
By: Michael S. Miller
(Self Help)

Letís Talk About Bullying
Expanded Edition with Word Puzzles
By: Carolyn B. Anderson

The Professor - Grayson Boucher Plus More NW Sports Stories
By: David Espinoza

A Tennis Guide for the High School Rookie Coach - Second Edition
By: Norvell A. Brown, Jr.
(Sports - Instruction)

Letís Talk About Honor and Peer Pressure
Expanded Edition with Word Puzzles
By: Carolyn B. Anderson

Smiling Sadness
By: Shpetim Kastrati

Geezing Along at 80: Shaking Off the Last Drop
By: Anthony J. Anastasi

Foot Steps of Godís Omnipresence
By: Minister Major Morrison

40 Days of Praise
By: Vicky Deaver

Parenting the Athlete
By: David Espinoza

Stay on the Right Side
By: Carolyn B. Anderson

A Message to the World
By: Shawn Powell

Razorís Book of ďIT?Ē
By: William A. Cox
(Short Story Collections)