Southern Justice <BR>By: Terrance J. Aldridge
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-717-2
Edition: Paperback, 141 Pages
Publication Date: January 8, 2018
Southern Justice is a work of fiction about a horrendous murder in a small town. A stranger will unravel many dark secrets while trying to get to the truth about the murder of an elderly couple.
Imaginary 12 - Final Fantasy <BR>By: Dakota Diamond
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-687-8
Edition: Paperback, 174 Pages
Publication Date: April 5, 2017
Zo hu vant tu bi a szpy, vell ye kum tu de rayt plaz. Phirzt vhat iz yhor indendshyns? Ir yei luken tu zav de vorld? Haw ur ye luken tu deeztriy de vorld? Myk ap ur mynt! Hu spek Totanese nouw. Hu de egint ve byn luking vur. Riid dis buqq tu xpant ur mynt.
Fortune’s Wheel <BR>A Just Deserts Novel <BR>By: Sheila Roy
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-643-4
Edition: Paperback, 414 Pages
Publication Date: April 8, 2016
Sabrina has only worked at the Miami, Florida airport for a few months when an anonymous customer complaint alters the course of her life forever. Suddenly she must learn to adapt to a completely foreign and dangerous lifestyle – one where there’s no running from her fear or returning to her California-based sister. It’s a world where assassins operate in the dark of night, using unorthodox weapons that she must learn to supply. The man training her is a mischievous green-eyed hunk, but he’s hardly sympathetic to her unfortunate circumstances. Can she shed her mouse-like view on life and embrace her new family, or will she die in the midst of chaos?

Miranda uses her waist-length banana curls and golden-brown eyes to belie how dangerous she can be. As a petite assassin for a secret society, she’s trained to kill monsters – murderers, pedophiles, and rapists – that escape justice. Her love-life is a rollercoaster-like disaster when Sabrina makes her debut into the society. Now she needs to put the men in her life aside long enough to teach Sabrina how to survive in her world. Will betrayal and romance ultimately lead to destruction, or will friendship and loyalty win in the end?
Halfway to Heaven <BR>By: Alyce Holmes
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-618-2
Edition: Paperback, 245 Pages
Publication Date: April 7, 2016
Elizabeth Harris should be the happiest woman in the world. Her career was soaring and she was engaged to a man she adored. Those were the only good things because the rest of her family was falling apart including four dysfunctional sisters and one under-employed brother. She was the one trying to hold things together, deal with their mother’s illness and plan her wedding. She needed faith-filled encouragement that could only be found Halfway to Heaven.
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-645-8
Edition: Paperback, 119 Pages
Publication Date: April 7, 2016
Marc served in the military and worked for Government contractors for 35 years. He was finally able to retire in 2008.

He never suspected that the boredom that lead to his decision to read the new “Health Care Plan” or the reference to a Government form in an obscure paragraph 1,100 pages in would plunge him into a covert war against enemies of the American people. Enemies from foreign lands and within the Government of the United States.

This is the story of “three ordinary people drawn together by circumstance” taking the war to the politicians, terrorists, drug runners and other thugs that cross their path.

Sometimes enough is enough, they should not have murdered his friends…

Life is so much better when you finally peel off the layers of bullshit and come to terms with who you really are.

If I’m gonna go to Hell, let me go the way I want to....
Unintended Consequences <BR>By: Jim Shevlin
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-637-3
Edition: Paperback, 205 Pages
Publication Date: February 18, 2016
Jimmy Geracollo grew up on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan. He may have been above average in intelligence but his school grade never reflected that capacity.

His teenage years as a gang member were imprinted on police blotters and one such incident left him with a choice of jail or the military. Against his wishes he ended up in the Marine Corps.

Marine Corps discipline in boot camp was his next obstacle but he managed to survive it. He was sent to Iraq and survived that too.

After Iraq his company of Marines became test subjects in a government program to study the effects of combat on those who fought in it. At the testing center he was reacquainted with a lost love.

His relationship with his love was his reason for living and they both hoped to marry and live happily ever after, but then tragedy struck and his life was turned upside down. That tragedy led to his problems with the justice system and controlled his future.
Lord of Secret Agents <BR>By: Dakota Diamond
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-601-4
Edition: Paperback, 178 Pages
Publication Date: August 25, 2015
Entering Secret Agent fantasyland, you embark on a journey to the “Secret Agent” realm while being captivated in twenty-five short stories, where you transform into a hero to save Earth from World War Three, terrorist plots, bubonic plagues, diseases, financial collapse and/or to possibly stop aliens from space from landing and causing havoc on Earth. You will escape reality when you are and have become “The Most Secret Agent” captivated inside “Lord of Secret Agents,” as you have been drafted covertly as a “Top Secret Agent/Spy.” If you see something and have intel, say something. You know the code numbers for our “Secret Agent” transmission lines, we left them everywhere. Chart and compass your first real mission! We are counting on you as “The Most Secret Agent.” My last several missions have caused severe physical damage and I won’t be able to help you in the field, so I will be in the back office with many others waiting for your codes and calls. I will send the cavalry and other agents to assist you on your missions if needed. You are now “The Most Secret Agent.” Good Luck!
Inherit the Riddle <BR>By: Bud Malby
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-600-7
Edition: Paperback, 317 Pages
Publication Date: July 28, 2015
Inherit the Riddle is the stunning standalone sequel to the 2010 novel Windknocker. Fast-paced and action-packed, it is a hard-to-put-down tale of mystery - part comedy, and part tragedy, with an unforgettable cast of characters. But more than that, beginning in Afghanistan, it is a remarkable story of friendship that transcends generations. Independent of, it nevertheless picks up where Windknocker left off and takes readers on a memorable journey of intrigue peppered with humor, tender moments and romance. Inherit the Riddle is a powerful testament of the human spirit. Have plenty of time because you won’t want to put it down.
Cast a Crooked Shadow <BR>By: Terrance J. Aldridge
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-591-8
Edition: Paperback, 143 Pages
Publication Date: June 1, 2015
Cast a Crooked Shadow is the first of a detective series starring Vinny Veneto. It’s about the murder of billionaire Colin O’Brien. His mother, heartbroken by the murder of her only child, decided to hire a private investigator to solve the crime; however, it couldn’t be just any detective. After doing some research one name came up as the best in the business, Vinny Veneto. She made him an offer he could not refuse. Following the twists and turns of the case, Vinny discovered there were some powerful people who could get burned. This story will take you on an international journey along with Vinny, where he will get entangled in a web of danger, deceit and espionage in this cat and mouse thriller.
Slavers <BR>The Story of Modern Day Slavery <BR>By: A. E. Stafford
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-588-8
Edition: Paperback, 121 Pages
Publication Date: April 30, 2015
When a millionaire’s daughter disappears from a beach in Aruba an alert is sent out for help. After many organizations fail in their efforts, a congressman friend calls in Navy Intelligence to help. They trace the girl’s captors across the Pacific, from island to island, and finally to a slave auction in a forbidden section of the desert on the Arabian Peninsula.

The Navy sends in the SEALs to rescue the girl and miss capturing Osama Bin Laden by only a few hours, sending Bin Laden into hiding inside Pakistan.

This novel is filled with action and suspense which will capture the reader’s imagination until the very last page.