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Poor Kid, Wealthy Kid II <BR>By: David Espinoza
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-590-1
Edition: Paperback, 258 Pages
Publication Date: May 11, 2015
Spiral back to 1980 when kids were talking to each other instead of texting. In this Gervais High School story it’s senior year. Carlos has several life-changing decisions to make. The Edmonton Eskimos, from the Canadian Football League, offer him a great deal. Liz doesn’t agree with him going pro right out of high school. She feels a college education is more important. Harv feels differently. Dirk has graduated and continues to be the antagonist - a prejudiced bully that lingers around. This realism-fiction novel is about two high school sweethearts growing up and diving into the challenges of the world. The classroom, senior skip day, graduation, airports, and a lost love are all brought to life. The first part to this story is, Poor Kid, Wealthy Kid.
Poor Kid Wealthy Kid <bR>By: David Espinoza
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-311-2
Edition: Paperback, 268 Pages
Publication Date: July 7, 2011
This is a must-read book for tearing down the walls of stereotyping, and battling discrimination based on skin color and poverty. Diversity is a reality in our current world. A very poor kid from Dimmitt, Texas (Carlos) is surprised by his large family packing up one day and moving to Oregon. He meets a very wealthy boy from Gervais, Oregon (Harv) in the berry field. Carlos is a very gifted quarterback, but when it comes to grades, well, let’s not talk about that. Harv is not a great athlete, but he’s very smart. Harv has a very bright sister (Liz) who takes a liking to Carlos. The only problem is ... her dad (Ted) does not want his kids around Hispanics – find out why. Carlos and Harv square a deal to help each other become successful behind their parents’ back – find out how. Can the two cultures come together? Can Carlos and Harv help the Gervais Cougars make it to state? One of the friends gets kidnapped, who is it? How do we measure wealth – is it really always about money? This fiction story has true places. It is also full of sports, humor, first love, and mystery.
Hey, We Can Play this Game <bR>By: Michael Bracken
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-076-0
Edition: Paperback, 192 Pages
Publication Date: August 3, 2009
Baseball, romance and history are woven together in this lively trip into the past, as four middle aged men depart to a baseball “fantasy” camp that turns into a baseball “reality” camp.

National and Negro League baseball action abounds amid engaging historical events of the late 19th century, as Burly, Otis, Rogie, and Turk live their baseball fantasy.

Love blossoms for Burly, but when the opportunity to return home presents itself, will Burly stay with Sarah or leave to return to the present?
GET a GRIP on 21st CENTURY GOLF <BR>By: Bill Crews
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-863-0
Edition: Paperback, 197 Pages
Publication Date: June 27, 2008
From the revelation of Hogan’s two most cherished and provocative secrets, to the description of the game’s most revolutionary innovation, this book heralds the beginning of golf’s ascendancy to the #2 sport on the planet. Though the average instructional golf book is slightly dryer than burnt Melba toast, this one breaks the mold in every way, shape and form. Where myth stops and reality begins is left to the reader to decide. Beware! None who read this saga will be immune to the ‘Irresistible Jones’ that draws humans to the game, like moths to the flame.