White Noise Stories - Volume Two <BR>By: Tammy Vreeland
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-729-5
Edition: Paperback, 300 Pages
Publication Date: June 9, 2018
Other Editions: Hardcover
After surviving her “incident” in the city, Lauren finds herself on a road trip with her best friend Roxy.

As they make their way from the East Coast to the West Coast, Lauren becomes intrigued by the stories she is hearing on the radio.

Thirteen new stories that coincide with the areas that Roxy and her are driving through. In fact, Lauren realizes these stories may even be signs for her to be aware of during their drive.

As Roxy and her near their destination, Lauren feels herself driving closer to the brink of madness. If she cannot get a handle on it, this time Lauren may actually go over the edge.
White Noise Stories - Volume One <BR>By: Tammy Vreeland
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-692-2
Edition: Paperback, 304 Pages
Publication Date: June 9, 2017
Other Editions: Hardcover
Lauren finally fulfills her dreams of having her own apartment in the city. However, dreams are a funny thing. They can be your answer but more often than not, a question.

In this case, the apartment is Lauren’s answer and yet it brings up the question of how is she going to deal with all of the noise? Whether it be a dog barking, a baby screaming or simply the noise coming up off the street, it is all too much!

Finally, Lauren finds relief when she purchases a sound machine that plays white noise which drowns out all of the noise around her. Perfect! Or, so she thought.

Lauren begins to have strange dreams. Unlike most of her dreams that she cannot remember, these dreams stay with her. Haunt her. Become part of her. Is the white noise giving her access to other people’s dreams? People who have died. Can souls dream in death?

Lauren dreams thirteen individual dreams. With each one she finds herself drifting ever closer to the mouth of madness.
The Sea of Souls <bR>Sequel to The Folks <BR>By: Tammy Vreeland
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-549-9
Edition: Paperback, 336 Pages
Publication Date: April 24, 2014
Other Editions: Hardcover
Tyler, the small boy with the imaginary friends called the Folks, is now grown up. Moving on with his life, Tyler has entered the Coast Guard.

While at Boot Camp, Tyler endures a high fever which flood memories of the Folks down on him. Memories, he’s not sure are his own.

Terry, Tyler’s mom, ever watchful of the Folk’s return, decides to help Tyler get settled in with his new orders. Travis, Tyler’s brother, plans on sharing an apartment with Tyler making Tyler’s transition even easier.

The two brothers are excited to start their new life in Galveston, Texas. Unfortunately, the island has a dark past of its own. Terry, Tyler and Travis find themselves re-living the past to ensure their future!
The Family Tree <bR>By: Tammy Vreeland
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-316-7
Edition: Paperback, 351 Pages
Publication Date: July 27, 2011
Other Editions: Hardcover
Katherine looks down at the book as she lightly runs her fingers over the cover. She can feel the raised insignia of the oak tree with mistletoe in the branches. The title is elegantly written with beautiful penmanship which spells out “The Family Tree”.

She timidly opens the book and looks down at the familiar pages in front of her. Tears begin to form in her eyes as she subconsciously rubs her stomach.

Katherine thumbs through the pages. She had always been taught that through her past her future is determined. But, she did not like what her future was to bring.

Why were her ancestors allowed to decide the fate of her unborn twins? Why couldn’t she have a choice? Didn’t they know what the consequences were? Or were they so blind to the religion, they didn’t see it for what it really is?

Again Katherine thinks about the title of the book. Her Family Tree had deep dark roots. Many branches filled the tree but all were tied to one dark secret.

Katherine realizes that she is the one that must cut this tree down. But, how and at what cost? She feels a kick from one of the twins and this gives her hope.

The key had to be the religion. What its origins were, why it was created and how to destroy it. The religion was so old and forgotten that only through tradition had it survived.

Katherine thinks to herself, maybe this generation needed to start a tradition of their own!
Class Reunion <bR>By: Tammy Vreeland
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-304-4
Edition: Paperback, 248 Pages
Publication Date: June 15, 2011
Other Editions: Hardcover
      Tonya has just received a call from Darla, an old school mate, asking her to come to a class reunion.
      Feeling guilty about leaving and never looking back Tonya decides to go.
      The reunion is all about catching up with old friends. One friend though, is quite upset with the different paths people chose after graduation.
      They feel it is their duty to keep the reputation of the class and school intact. Through the years they had done exactly that.
      Now with the reunion coming up, it was the perfect time to deal with many of the classmates in one night.
      It’s a simple concept, they plan on using the different types of kills Tonya uses in her current horror book “Classmates” to make their own statement.
      This will take the suspicion off them and place it on what may simply be a fan of Tonya’s making a point.
      Only the classmates themselves will know the true identity of the killer, but by then it will be too late!
The Clarksville Vampire <BR>By: Victor A. Caputo
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-147-7
Edition: Paperback, 314 Pages
Publication Date: March 23, 2010
When his marriage and career end in disgrace, ex-police officer Nicholas Collins escapes to the Oregon coast to start a new life. But shortly after settling into his new lifestyle he meets the girl of his dreams, Victoria Rossi, a beautiful 375 year old vampire. Nicholas eventually accepts her vampirism, and together they embark on a romantic journey to Europe, only to encounter their worst nightmares.

After surviving a near fatal ordeal in Europe, they soon return home only to encounter yet another more sinister evil. They discover that Nick’s former boss, Sheriff Frank Packer is the head of a child pornography ring. The sheriff’s vile and sadistic desires go even further when the moon is full, because it is during this time that his perverted appetite evolves into an insatiable blood lust. Only Nicholas and Victoria can stop the slaughter of innocent children and this vile perverted creature’s reign of terror on Ashton County.
Bright Night of the Werewolf <bR>By: E H Smith
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-068-5
Edition: Paperback, 198 Pages
Publication Date: July 22, 2009
The author juggles numerous characters in this fast paced, action packed, book of horror, leading with heart to a dramatic conclusion.

Arnold Kesler became a werewolf because of a virus. He rampages. Can anyone stop him? He wants to kill young Eric and Alicia. The sheriff, a wolf breeder and Rex and Miria stand in his way!
Transporter of Souls <BR>By: Tammy Vreeland
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-030-2
Edition: Paperback, 315 Pages
Publication Date: April 27, 2009
Other Editions: Hardcover
Evan’s boss John, realizes that Evan has become burned out with Police Towing. The death and destruction that Evan sees on a daily basis has finally taken its toll. Not wanting to lose Evan, John proposes for Evan to start his own business in towing salvage cars.

John assures Evan that he can provide him with enough contacts to start the business up. Strangely enough, the money becomes available to Evan with the unexpected passing of his grandmother.

Now with a new business and a new love interest, Evan begins his new life. But soon, Evan quickly realizes that the horrors he has encountered at the scene of accidents may not be the end of life as he thought. That maybe, souls are still trapped in the ruins of cars they perished in. A curse that began with the very first known automobile accident. A curse that continues to this day. And as with most curses, man has not figured a way to remove it but to profit from it!
I Was Born A Vampire <bR>By: A J Poplaski
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-023-4
Edition: Paperback, 89 Pages
Publication Date: March 24, 2009
You need to read about an old legend in Maine. A young girl, Linda, was raised by her grandfather in the State of Maine and her grandfather Jake sent Linda to art school in New York.

When Linda was a young girl at the age of twenty-one years old she was raped by a ? Nine months later she became a proud mother to a baby boy.

This is the whole life story of the baby boy that was named CJ who became a Vampire. It is the story of CJ and all the women that he had and all the traveling that he did from Maine to New York to California and then back to New York and back to Maine. It also tells who killed CJ and how they did it, and how CJ’s mother becomes a Vampire. The story is also about Linda going back to New York and all the men and women that she has been with and what she has done to them.
Imaginary Friends <BR>By: Yolanda Jackson
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-017-3
Edition: Paperback, 150 Pages
Publication Date: March 6, 2009
Everyone has or had an imaginary friend in their lives one time or another, but what did yours tell you to do? Does yours tell you to cheat, kill, or destroy? Or do they simply talk to you at night?

Many are afraid to answer these questions, but if one chooses to ignore them, sometimes they can become so real, they will surely over power your mind and every rational thought you ever had; so take some time to investigate the voices that are talking to you, the longer you ignore them, the stronger they will become.

Take a look into the life of a small town girl who was constantly abused by her mother and complete strangers. She was hid away from the public by her mother in an old cellar; it was there that she first discovered her ability to create imaginary friends, and once the imaginary friends where formed she sent them all out on revenge killings. But was it the imaginary friends doing the killing or her?