Time for U to Choose! Part V <BR>By: Ms. Eunice
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-763-9
Edition: Paperback, 233 Pages
Publication Date: October 18, 2019
As this world turns it seems to B turning and spinning out of control with climate change, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes in diverse places, wars and rumors of wars. HOWEVER, to those who say there is no God how could this have been prophesized in the Holy Bible that these things would happen that was written over two thousand years ago? How did someone know to put in the Bible that sons would go against fathers and daughters would go against mothers and a lot of others things thatís written in the Holy Bible is happening in these last and evil days? Donít B fooled by false teaching that hasnít predicted any of the future like the Bible has. Iíd rather take my chance and seek Godís face so I wonít B left behind when He comes back for His children. This book is for those to read who think theyíre not worthy to follow God because of their past sins and the stupid stuff theyíve done in life. After reading some of the stupid stuff Iíve done in life and God has accepted me through repentance youíre a perfect candidate!
Speaking Godís Word over the Schools in Our Nation <BR>By: Carolyn B. Anderson
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-760-8
Edition: Paperback, 129 Pages
Publication Date: June 13, 2019
If you are dissatisfied with the conditions of the school systems in this nation, then there is a way to help change them. You can be a participant in assisting God to bring about needed change in every school in this nation. Prayer is the basis for bringing the necessary changes to the school systems so that the children and youth attending those schools can experience Godís life. Without Godís life permeating every section of the school systems, the children, youth, teachers, administrators and all involved will only experience the stagnation and death of this world systemís operations. The result is chaos and confusion which gives the enemy easy access to steal, kill and destroy. This book contains 40 prayers based upon Godís Word to effectively pray over every school in this nation. Use this book as a basis for beginning your own prayer group to pray over the children and youth in this nation. God is looking for those who will stand with Him and pray His Word so that He can do His part.
Look What Jesus Did for You <BR>By: Carolyn B. Anderson
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-755-4
Edition: Paperback, 121 Pages
Publication Date: April 22, 2019
How do children and youth know who they are in Christ Jesus and how do they know what Jesus did for them? They can discover the answers to those questions by reading this book. Ages 10 and up will learn great truths from Godís Word. They will learn how they are composed of three partsóspirit, soul and body. They will understand what being ďborn againĒ means. They will understand the power in the name of Jesus. Beginning with Adam and Eve, the reader will learn what happened when Adam disobeyed God and Godís light in the earth was extinguished. They will also learn how God got His light back in the earth. This world constantly spews out strong language on strong subjects. If children and youth are ever going to stand and become strong Christians, they must know who they are in Christ Jesus. The time for them to learn that is now, not later. Jesus paid the price once and for all for them to know what He did for them so that they can make the choice to choose His life.
A Believer's Parable <BR>God Still Speaks Today! <BR>By: JohnC. Lawson
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-744-8
Edition: Paperback, 123 Pages
Publication Date: March 24, 2019
As you read this book, the characters of the people will captivate you so much that you will want to know how it ends. You will become so immersed in the lives of the characters of the people in this book. Just like them, many people do not recognize that there are angels around them all. Not just angelic beings but human beings as well, in whom God uses to communicate His divine Plans, Will and Purpose for our lives. I can tell you that so many times in my life that God sent someone to minister a word of encouragement to me, to sow seeds of joy, peace, happiness and money.

Who has God planted in your life that is like a tree that satan cannot shake, uproot or topple over? Their sturdiness is used to keep you grounded. Who is the prayer warrior, that will pray for you without ceasing and continues to pray for you until something changes? Who is the guardian angel, that sees disaster before it happens and leads you in a different direction? Who is God using to bless you?

By reading this book you will gain a clear and perspective understanding about the angels that compass you. Thank God for waking me up and giving me this real-life parable. The parable ends just as good or better than the beginning of the book; because, lives will truly be changed.
Satan is a Pimp <BR>He Solicits Souls into Hell <br>By: Richard W. Reese
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-742-4
Edition: Paperback, 200 Pages
Publication Date: October 26, 2018
Satan is a tempter and a great deceiver, which is the profile of a ďpimpĒ and he excels at pimping others. His profession started when he pimped a host of angels to sin against God. In the Garden of Eden, he pimped Eve to eat a forbidden fruit; he pimped Cain to kill Abel; he pimped King David to lust after Bathsheba, then later, he pimped David to have her husband killed in a battle Ė and Satan pimped Judas to betray Jesus. No one is immune from satanís pimping; he even pimped Jesus with suicide and wealth when He was in the desert for forty days and nights. But Jesus was wise to satan and Jesus rebuked him with the Word of God (Matt. 4:5-10).

Satan will pimp people with anything they desire, whether itís sex, money, power, drugs, food, a career Ė or even themselves with selfish pride. After Satan pimps people into bondage and depression, he will pimp them with suicide. In the Bible, satan masquerades as an angel of light and he used varies of methods to pimp the people; one of his successful pimping methods was idolatry (the worship of idols). This book, however, reveals many incidences in the Bible and scriptures that the devil pimped; therefore, you will have a ďheads upĒ of his con and avoid his pimping like a plague.
Out of the Whirlwind <BR>By: Jim Watson
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-738-7
Edition: Paperback, 373 Pages
Publication Date: September 5, 2018
The Experience of Job and a Final Message for the Modern Church

Job was a husband, father of two sets of children, a civic leader, rancher, farmer, hunter, vintage grower and carpenter of wood, metal and stone. He was an expert in leather and ointments, a musician and even a miner. No man of the primitive East was of greater renown or more varied in occupation and skill. He was also human and guilty of unseemly acts early in his life. Interwoven within the extraordinary story of Job is a civilization before Adam and what happened to it. There is Scriptureís first promise of resurrection. The folly of angels and their attempted overthrow of God is explained. There is a single reference to giants in the earth that caused separate attempts to taint human stock and prevent the first coming of Christ. The Genesis numbers are used to reveal an important 20-year relationship between Job and Moses. If desired, the information they shared would aid an apostatized church blinded to the difference between Law and Grace.
Open Your Eye - Second Edition
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-726-4
Edition: Paperback, 161 Pages
Publication Date: April 5, 2018
This message is for the people and citizens of America. It means to open your spiritual eye, your spiritual vision. Can you see and explain how sectarianism, narrow-mindedness, jealousy and racism are destroying American society? What do you think might happen next if our major Abrahamic faiths continue to be embroiled with contention, discord, fear of others not believing as they do, and ethnocentric bias? What factors have to change in order for productive mental growth and morality to rise up among American citizens?

Open Your Eye offers a message of hope, healing and redemption. When you know the truth, the truth will set you free. Freedom from fear of the unknown; freedom from misinformation about Al-Islam; freedom from bias can be gained from reading and comprehending the message of Open Your Eye.
Time for U to Choose! Part IV <BR>By: Ms. Eunice
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-720-2
Edition: Paperback, 204 Pages
Publication Date: March 19, 2018
Life is so beautiful, but we sometimes let the ways of this world overtake us with bad choices, lack of wisdom R pressures that we sometimes canít handle. Doing something that youíll regret later in life is not the answer. God is! The enemy wants to blind U with sin and offer U the world but when itís time for U to pay back the payment is so costly until U wonít B able to pay without doing something wrong - but thatís where God comes in, He paid it all at the cross! U must know in your heart that God will, God is and God cares for U. U must put your trust in Him always and remember ďThereís nothing too hard for God.Ē
Pressing in with Passion for Intimacy with God <BR>A 30 Day Devotional <br>By: Patricia A. Corbitt
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-715-8
Edition: Paperback, 87 Pages
Publication Date: December 1, 2017
Intimacy with God begins when we radically pursue him with our whole heart. Not our flesh, for you see, God connects with our heart. The only thing that God wants to see our flesh do is to burn with a desire to submit to His will, obey, and worship Him.

James 4:8-says, ďDraw near to God, and He will draw near to you.Ē
Letís Talk About Thoughts <BR>Expanded Edition with Word Puzzles <Br>By: Carolyn B. Anderson
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-691-5
Edition: Paperback, 158 Pages
Publication Date: May 31, 2017
This book teaches children and youth about the world of thoughts. The reader is challenged to decide whether it is wiser for him to want God to think like him or for him to think like God. In order to think like God, he must know Godís thoughts and those are found in the Bible. Each person has the responsibility of discriminating between thoughts every moment of the day by using the Bible as the guideline for determining which are acceptable thoughts and which are not. God expects His children to think stable and diligent thoughts which lead to His life. He does not expect nor desire His children to think polluted, stupid, dark or chaotic thoughts. Activities are included at the end of most of the chapters which reinforce the information just learned. This book is excellent for homeschoolers, Christian schools, churches and individual study.