Zero Point Energy Device (ZPED) for Health, Healing, Ascension and Mankind's Future

Zero Point Energy Device (ZPED) for Health, Healing, Ascension and Mankind's Future
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-292-4
    Edition: Paperback, 230 Pages
    Publication Date: May 11, 2011
    By: Kosol Ouch, James Rink, John Nelson, Koeun Noun Ouch, Ailene Liquete Pelingon, Elaine Lagrimas Liquete

    Zero point energy (known also as torsion field, prana, scalar energy wave, chi, ki, komlang tear, universal energy fields, orgon, life force etc.). energy can be harnessed through meditation practice such as yoga, chi kung, reiki and also through technology such as the torsion fields generator know as neological technology device. The principle is very simple, it is just multi layered metal, either the same or different metal (such as copper, aluminum, silver, gold and platinum etc.)

    Thin layer separated by organic material such as hairs, silk, plant fiber etc. You can go up to many layers from 4 to 8 to 12 to 18 to 64 or 144 layers and beyond. The different metals draw torsion fields or chi into the metal and from the metal the chi fields are passed and concentrated into the organic material. Also you can add plastic in conjunction to your organic material like hair and plastic to separate the material. Use of female hairs is good, male hairs is ok, but females have longer hairs.

    From the device the chi fields are passed to you by mental or audio command and intent. 27 percent of the universal is dark matter, 70 percent is dark energy and 3 percent is regular matter. Chi energy or torsion field also known as zero point energy is dark matter and dark energy comes from the 5th dimensional reality. So consciousness controls it and this energy (zero point energy) responds to conscious command and intent.