You Are Worthy
By: Nellie O. Jackson

You Are Worthy <BR>By: Nellie O. Jackson
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-509-3
    Edition: Paperback, 353 Pages
    Publication Date: July 19, 2013
    Lorrie Sullivan, a true southern socialite, lived with her grandmother in a stately mansion for five years before her grandmother passed away, leaving her a vast fortune. She had a dying request, though, for Lorrie to take her inheritance and move to a 300-acre ranch in Prescott, Arizona. She could hear her grandmother’s spirit challenging her, Lorrie, use your inheritance wisely for the betterment and education of Native Americans.

    Lorrie gave up her southern mansion, Shadow Lane, and her southern heritage to fulfill her obligations to her grandparents.

    In Prescott, Arizona, she meets Cody Parker after rebounding from a short love affair with Dennis Harmon, an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Cody Parker was Lorrie’s adjoining neighbor and caretaker of Lorrie’s ranch. Mr. Parker was a Cheyenne Indian with an outstanding education as an environmental engineer and a lonely man. His lonely life drew Lorrie to his spirit of loneliness, for she too had an ache in her heart for Dennis Harmon.

    The two hearts were drawn together with an eternal love that would never die, until Cody breaks off their engagement for a son, he never knew he had. He sells his ranch to Lorrie and moves to Montana.

    Even these events of Cody moving to Montana and adopting an Indian boy of ten, couldn’t banish the enduring love in Lorrie’s heart, for him and the Native Americans.