While They Slept
An epic struggle between cultures and faith
By: Keith LaVelle

While They Slept <bR>An epic struggle between cultures and faith <BR>By: Keith LaVelle
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-886-9
    Edition: Paperback, 324 Pages
    Publication Date: August 22, 2008
    Other Editions: Hardcover
    Michael Balian is a teacher and coach from a small Midwestern town. His life is comfortable, his work rewarding. This all changes with the revealing of prophecy which invades his subconscious thought. As he tries to understand the meaning behind these nightly visions, he becomes tied to others. They too have been visited by dreams, only theirs have directed them to him. As disaster invades his world, others prepare a much larger confrontation.

    The novel mixes fiction, history and current events to spark discussion, dialogue and contemplation of the dangers which exist today. These threats have been faced before, the only difference is the size and scope of their effectiveness. The tale combines the energies of a group of young adults and powerful men who lead the counter-strike to a terrorist attack meant to bring down democracy and freedom. The students, a mixture of personalities, initiate a world-wide dialogue using the internet to discuss and debate controversial issues. As calamity strikes, the youthful men and women step forward into the role of modern day Crusaders. Supported by men of influence, friends and family the association bonds together to fight for culture and faith. Financed by the richís of the primeval Knights Templar, the battle lines are drawn.

    The novel combines histories past with a modern apocalyptic assault on Western society. The response is horrific and meant to call attention to manís inescapable potential. As the Republic falls, its replacement in the novel is left open. Nevertheless, if history repeats itself, the outcome has already been written.

    Controversial and philosophic, the author attempts to promote discussion and discourse among those who follow faith and culture. Freedom and choice are at the heart of this story, defending it from the forces of evil, the goal.