What If?
How The Course Of Sports History Could Have Changed
By: Pat Dean

What If? <BR>How The Course Of Sports History Could Have Changed <Br>By: Pat Dean
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-879-1
    Edition: Paperback, 62 Pages
    Publication Date: July 26, 2008
    Pat Dean returns to his niche of sports writing with his second publication, What If? How the Course of Sports History Could Have Changed. Dean, fresh off the surprise sensation of previous book Poemology, gives sports fans a delicacy with how key events in sports history could have been altered. In baseball, Jackie Robinson could have played football and competed at the Olympics for gold medals instead of breaking the color barrier. Or in basketball Kobe Bryant could have ended up being a Philadelphia 76er joining Allen Iverson after playing basketball at Duke University. In football what would have happened if Jim Brown did not retire early? Or how close was Sidney Crosby of playing hockey for the Mighty Ducks? Would Muhammad Ali go the distance with Joe Louis in a 15 round fight? What If? explores these possibilities and informs sports fans of things they never knew before.