Tweaking 'C, cubed'
By: A. M. Brooke

Tweaking 'C, cubed' <BR>By: A. M. Brooke
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-373-0
    Edition: Paperback, 407 Pages
    Publication Date: February 17, 2012
    In the very early hours of a mid-October morning, the small town of Barrow’s Slide is rocked by a gruesome incident in the form of a brutal murder of one of its native sons. And even though the suspect immediately confesses, what would normally be considered an open and shut case takes an unexpected turn when one investigating officer uncovers an unusual item at the crime scene which could possibly connect it to another, yet-unsolved case – one of arson/murder that had taken place in this otherwise sleepy community four years earlier.

    And while many regard this find as a fortunate accident, Max O’Connell – recognized, at only thirty-six years old, as one of the top legal minds in the nation – does not. In his world, there are no accidents; however, neither are any situations preordained. He firmly believes that every action of every individual is generated solely by a self-perpetuating cycle of circumstance, choice, and consequence. For the sake of brevity, he has labeled this concept, ‘C, cubed’.

    Yet he doesn’t, and never has disputed the existence of Karma; and the rapid-fire sequence of events – some hilarious, some horrifying, some a combination of both – which takes place over the next four days is so bizarre, that he sees it working all around him, not only in dispensing retribution to those deserving it, but also by bringing his heretofore inflexible philosophy to the point of needing a ‘serious tweaking’, as his best friend puts it. And after the dust has settled, he finds himself having no ‘choice’ other than to do exactly that.