The Voyage to Hades Chronicles
By: Robert B. Corbett

The Voyage to Hades Chronicles <BR>By: Robert B. Corbett
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-954-5
    Edition: Paperback, 193 Pages
    Publication Date: November 10, 2008
    What would you do if you were watching television late one night before retiring to bed and saw a one-minute recording of a seventy-five foot monster that lunged out of the Loch Ness Lake in Scotland at five young graduate students who were making a mad dash up the sides of the lake in absolute terror? Doctor John Allen Corbit thought that the clip was a joke or some kind of promotion. The next morning the world had changed in many respects. The news of the monster dominated every means of communication the world had available.
          News reports and talk shows about the monster continued to capture the attention of the world for months. Scientists were so excited about the incident that they could hardly control their emotions. They were telling the authorities that the monster must be found and studied with great care. Unfortunately all roads leading to the famous lake were blocked by the military and no vessels were allowed to ply the Loch Ness Lake, except high-powered military boats.
          Great pressure was put on the authorities to allow the scientists the opportunity to capture and study the creature. People from all over the world demanded that the British Government allow a complete investigation of the affair. Huge riots broke out in the streets of London. After a near civil war, the British government bowed to the enormous pressure at home and abroad and declared the Loch Ness Lake and the area around the lake a temporary international scientific sanctuary that would allow the United Nations to develop and implement a full investigation of the real monster sightings.
          Finally after two desperate years of intense search, the Loch Ness Committee had to admit failure. Every inch of the lake’s bottom had been photographed. While watching an old film about the Genesis flood, John is certain that he knows where the monster is. He immediately prepares a super submarine to go after the beast. He next invites Doctor Jane Collins to his private island to tell her about his plans to find the creature. In his account Doctor Corbit said that the story he was about to share with his readers did not happen by chance nor did he get up one morning and decide to start a journey that would shake the foundation of the scientific community to its very roots, fire the imagination of excitement and adventure to such a height that even a real E. T. encounter might have to take a backseat.
          Regardless of the excitement and setbacks John and his friends encounter in the pages of his account, he never forgets his prime objective as an explorer. That objective is to find the monster and the strange world he dwells in.