The Voyage to Hades
Book Two
By: Robert B. Corbett

The Voyage to Hades <BR>Book Two <br>By: Robert B. Corbett
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-874-6
    Edition: Paperback, 357 Pages
    Publication Date: September 17, 2008
    The battle with the gang that almost took over Italy is over with. Doctor La Spezia visits John at his mother’s villa and once again invites him and his girlfriend, Doctor Jane Collins, to finish their exploration of the huge cavern that is beneath Rome University. While exploring the great cavern, Doctor La Spezia shows his guests the inside of one of the temples of Hades. So terrible was the sight before them that Doctor Corbit and his friend Jane Collins felt the urge to flee. John Corbit says this in his account:
          “Truly this was like looking over on what people call the other side of the vale, that thin barrier between life as we understand it and the possibilities of unspeakable sorrow and unimaginable endless suffering.”
          John and his girlfriend, Jane Collins, visit a famous park on his island, called The Garden Camp Ground. While at the park, John and Jane live on a small farm run by a mountain family from Tennessee. John and his friends manage to persuade a physician by the name of Doctor James Wisdom to join his merry band of explorers. Later in the account, John, Jane Collins, and Doctor Von Brawn do a preliminary voyage to Loch Ness to determine if a full scale exploration of where John suspects the monster dwells is feasible. Jane Latimer, chairperson over the Loch Ness Committee, is shown film of two great monsters as they swim past John’s submarine, the Ben Franklin.
          After the preliminary voyage to the outskirts of Hades, John and Jane Collins take a much deserved break and fly to Columbia, South America, to travel through the jungles with a famous explorer Doctor David Copperfield and his students to a great mountain that contains a hidden city of great beauty, mystery and danger. They are almost eaten by a great serpent. John says this about the snake:
          “There was a snake down there that must have crawled out of a twisted science fiction writer’s nightmares.”
          Finally the great day came for Doctor John Corbit and his brave crew to explore the world hidden below the surface of the Earth. Overhead, hundreds of pleasure craft follow the Michelangelo, John’s wonder submarine. Down in Hades John and his crew discover wonders beyond anyone’s dreams. To quote from Corbit’s account:
          “The sheer magnificence and beauty truly would tax the ability of mortals to describe! It looks like we have indeed found the land where dreams come from and beauty was given birth to!” Join John and his brave crew as they encounter terror beyond description! I quote:
          “Not since men dwelled in caves before the dawn of history had such an incident been witnessed! The fish and other life forms we saw fleeing [from the Loch Ness Monsters] were a mixed multitude of every ugly, bizarre, and savage looking creature imaginable!”