The Uncovering
Of the Greatest Story Never Told
By: Gerald L. Vano

The Uncovering<BR>Of the Greatest Story Never Told<BR> By: Gerald L. Vano
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    ISBN: 1-59824-088-9
    Edition: Paperback, 113 Pages
    Publication Date: November 2005
    The Uncovering is a book that is unique because it uncovers hidden secrets that were hidden from the masses for thousands of years. Very few people on this planet are aware of the knowledge that is about to be exposed. By tying together Mythologies of the past and Biblical verse in a unique way Gerald Vano uncovered a message that has been in the collective sub consciousness of man for thousands of years. This message is about an event that will happen in the year 2012. The Mayan prophecies say this event will raise the consciousness of man on this planet and people are excited about this.

    What is shown in this book with undeniable evidence is that the Mayan along with other myths and Biblical scripture when fully decoded show that the rise of consciousness is due to an unexpected bending or speeding up of time caused by an apocalyptic shift in the polar axis of Earth.

    There is also a chapter in this book that exposes the truth about a very controversial subject hot in the media today. It involves the “Da Vinci Code” book written by Dan brown who in his book proposes that the bloodline of Jesus was carried on through Mary Magdalene and goes on today physically in the world. It is shown in this chapter that the bloodline of Jesus is not a physical line as he proposes, but is a spiritual line carried on through the Holy Spirit. The challenging evidence shown in this chapter will prove to be undeniable.