Tiny, the Timeless Sparrow
By: Robert L. Morrissette

Tiny, the Timeless Sparrow <br>By: Robert L. Morrissette
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-759-2
    Edition: Paperback, 230 Pages
    Publication Date: June 11, 2019
    After retiring as a deputy sheriff I exchanged my six-shooter for a pen, and instead of bullets I used words to begin creating fun stories. Within a few years my imagination brought forth wonderful new friends. The main characters in my stories are mostly non-human, except young Robbie. “Robbie and Matt” came first, then came “Hank,” and then came “Tiny the Timeless Sparrow.” I hope that you will have a chance to read all three stories. I think you will have fun reading the adventures of my new friends as I did creating their adventures.

    Tiny is a young sparrow living with his parents in a small sparrow community near the shore of the Sea of Galilee at the time of Jesus. Tiny’s father warned him not to fly high up in the night sky due to the danger of hawks. Obsessed with an idea we often throw caution to the wind. So, one night while his parents and the flock were asleep Tiny lifted up silently into the night sky. He flew higher than ever before and was almost overwhelmed by the beauty below him. Within seconds his whole life was about to be changed. But first he must survive the hawk attack.

    “Screaming victory, the hawk swept upward into the cold and dizzy heights, carrying Tiny with him. The pain was unbearable and he saw spots like stars dancing before his eyes. Horrified, Tiny saw the other talon stretch open and reach for his body. Glistening in the moonlight it was almost a separate and hungry monster. He twisted and lifted up with all his remaining strength, flapping his wings as he did so. There was a snapping sound and he felt his right wing tearing. He almost passed out from the pain, but his last ditch effort had worked. To his relief he found himself free, but he was now tumbling in a free fall towards the water far below.”