The Three Pastors
By: Janice Beard

The Three Pastors <BR>By: Janice Beard
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-058-6
    Edition: Paperback, 149 Pages
    Publication Date: June 26, 2009
    The Three Pastors is a story about three young men and a woman whose names are Charles Monroe, Henry Phillips, Thomas Moore and Nicky Taylor. Charles and Henry are best friends who are finishing up their senior year in high school and they are both looking forward to graduating and then going off to college. They get jobs working after school at the local mall, where Charles meets and befriends a man named Thomas who convinces Charles to quit working at the mall and to work for him. The problem is that Thomas isnít who Charles really thinks that he is.

    Thomas offers Charles a way for him to get the things that he desires in life by luring Charles into his dark and shady world involving lies, deception, money, drugs, prostitution, sex and corruption. Thomas starts off by giving Charles a brand new BMW. Charles then begins to work for Thomas and he tells his best friend Henry all about Thomas while showing him the BMW that Thomas gave him. Right away Henry knows that Charles is headed for big trouble and Henry tries to help Charles before it is too late and Charles ends up going to prison, or even worse, getting killed. Henry sets his plan into action to meet Thomas and get close to him, even if it means going to work for him so that he can get the evidence that he needs to give to the police so that they will arrest Thomas and send him to prison and get him out of Charlesí life. But it wonít be easy.

    While Henry is working undercover he discovers a whole string of shady things that are going on. He and Charles meet two call girls, one of which is Thomasí main woman and the other one who is showing a lot of interest in Charles but is really an undercover cop named Nicky Taylor. She has some issues as well as an agenda of her own, which includes her using Charles and Henry in order to help her to bust Thomas.

    What is supposed to be a drug drop turns out to really be a set up by someone higher up. Who will live and who will die? Only three of them lived and became Pastors who are preaching and teaching the word of God. All three are married with families of their own. All three are living proof that God is real and that He can save, heal and deliver you from out of the darkness of this world.