Ten Steps to the End of Pain
A Guide to Conscious Living
By: Linda L. Manning

Ten Steps to the End of Pain <BR>A Guide to Conscious Living <br>By: Linda L. Manning
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-449-6
    Edition: Paperback, 109 Pages
    Publication Date: February 28, 2007
    The Ten Steps will help you create release from pain, no matter what its quality or quantity and in your practice of these Steps you may transform your life.

    The book presents Ten Steps and takes the reader on a guided journey through thoughtful examination of ideas and through related real life stories. The Steps are tools guiding us toward the transformation of pain whether it is physical, mental or emotional. The Steps are described and stories are told to illustrate and enhance the readerís understanding of them. The stories reflect varieties of pain experienced through heartbreak, loss of security, discontent and battle with life-threatening disease. The stories all provide the reader with examples of ways out of the mess.

    The book defines a new relationship with pain for the individual and then through the Steps utilizes the experience and relationship with pain to create the change it requires of us. The change in turn transforms or eliminates the pain. The book describes a natural process available to us all but rarely taught or described as this work reveals. The Steps are based on experiential knowledge and the experience of individuals practicing The Ten Steps is included.

    At the core of each Step is choice. The first choice, you will find in this work, is to redefine pain as a friend and ally. Pain is not bad or good. Itís a directional arrow to show the friction area within that needs attention and work. This may be difficult, but by suspending disbelief and allowing pain to guide, transformation and growth follows. This work does not ask us to embrace and seek pain masochistically. It asks us rather to acknowledge and feel it and to then follow the Steps to find who we really are. We are not the pain.

    In conclusion, this book promises the reader a way out of the mess of pain. By the end of the book the reader will be inspired by the real experiences of others and be opened to a new way of seeing their world. The Steps appear simple but are not easy hence the need for explanatory and descriptive writing. They are a westernized path to mastery over the world of nature (internal and external) and our life within it. Their conscious practice and mastery is a movement toward Soul Development and coming into a higher level of being within the human experience.