The Story of Rufus Jackson
The Ghetto Detective
By: Gene McCants

The Story of Rufus Jackson <br>The Ghetto Detective <br>By: Gene McCants
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    ISBN: 1-59824-216-4
    Edition: Paperback, 194 Pages
    Publication Date: May 2006
    It was in the late spring of 1999 when a young and hopeful college graduate name Rufus Renaldo Jackson would make a career decision that would change his life forever. After being away from his family for months at a time so that he could focus on his education he starts to develop a new perspective on life. Thinking that he would no longer have to keep his guard up Rufus begins focusing on the positives. With a core of new friends and a college degree he seems to have his whole life to look forward to, until the day returns home for good. It is then that he finds out about the criminal mischief involving someone in his family. On the advice from his uncle he decides to join the Baltimore City Police force. After only a few months on the force Rufus finds himself reverting back to his street mentality while relying on his sense of humor to help him through his first case. A tough case in a city where crime, drugs and turmoil go together like sprinkles on chocolate ice cream. When the pressure of solving his first case becomes too much Rufus pulls out all stops and is forced to go deep under cover. During this time he faces some painful realities and must do some soul searching to seek out the truth about himself and his family. The same family that helps him through his first case and make it to the end.