The Streets of Fear
By: David J. Miller, Jr.

The Streets of Fear <BR>By: David J. Miller, Jr.
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-478-6
    Edition: Paperback, 321 Pages
    Publication Date: June 8, 2007
    “The Streets of Fear” is a book that reflects the lives of those who live in the inner-city. The storyline of the book shows how the youth of today live and comprehend the inner-city environment. Unfortunately, many of today’s youth fall victim to homicide or incarceration; and as a result continue a devastating chain reaction that revolves around death and respect, among other plagues. “The Streets of Fear” was written to educate the ignorant, and mend those who are in need of an appeal to the inner-city (youth) violence. The story of “The Streets of Fear” is based on what the youth of today’s society have represented and continue to live by as the younger generation of youth see and replicate this form of action as a form of expression; not knowing the consequences to their actions! As upper and middle class society continues to form and grow, many of the inner-city (black) youth continue to be “passed aside” and begin to make choices that lead to detrimental consequences.

    “The Streets of Fear” was written to help create a chain reaction to help find a solution to assist in reconciling those who continue this path of destruction within society’s walls. This book was also produced to show of the inner-city’s understanding and relation of such issues of violence and the affects of those actions. Overall, “The Streets of Fear” is to be used as a useful ‘vehicle’ to assist in establishing the need to evaluate the issue of violence in our communities and the reasoning behind its deadly and destructive format.