Time Snatchers
By: Lenard F. Hines

Time Snatchers <br>By: Lenard F. Hines
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    ISBN: 1-59824-300-4
    Edition: Paperback, 244 Pages
    Publication Date: August 2, 2006
    When young women start disappearing from Earth, President Gordon asked Special Agent Lankford Miller and his ultra secret team to head up a worldwide investigation of these phenomena.

    Lank, as his friends call Special Agent Lankford Miller, enlist his friend, Inspector Frank Brokain, who is the head of a super secret government agency empowered by the Queen of England, to help in this investigation.

    A break in the case results when Lank learns of a special golden medallion, purchased and worn by each girl a few weeks before she is abducted.

    Clues began to help unravel in the investigation that leads Lank to the Quantum physics lab on the campus of Columbia University, headed by Professor Manning who is actively pursuing applied applications of FTL travel.

    Lank quickly ties together the Quantum Physics lab in Los Angels with time travel and possible abduction of the young women from Earth. Lank, with his ultra secret team raid the Quantum Physics lab in Los Angels.

    The raid is successful, resulting in lots of documents and equipment that were being used to conduct time travel. All these were brought back to Professor Manning in New York City.

    Professor Manning at the Lab in New York City was able from what he found in all the documents and research papers, to duplicate the experiments thereby sending Special Agent Lankford Miller, not into the future, but to a parallel world.

    Lank meets up with some of the women on the parallel Earth who were abducted from the real Earth. The abducted women tell Lank about being used as surrogate mothers by Dr. Alex North and Dr. Lyle Green, the two men in charge of the Los Angels Quantum Lab. He learns about a disastrous gas that covered the whole parallel planet some seventy-two years ago. This gas interfered with the reproductive cycle of women, causing them to be infertile. The human race on this parallel world was doomed to die off by old age, except they would be saved by the experiments of the two doctors who were supposedly using the sperm from the men of this world to fertilize the eggs of the young women from Earth in an effort to repopulate the planet.

    The abductees tell Lank they have never seen any of the children they have given birth to. Lank goes in search of the children and when he finally locates them is he ever in for a surprise…