The Prose of Moses Guthrie
By: Damian L. Hoskins

The Prose of Moses Guthrie <BR>By: Damian L. Hoskins
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    ISBN: 1-59824-106-0
    Edition: Paperback, 153 Pages
    Publication Date: December 2005
    The Prose of Moses Guthrie is a collection of poetry written by Damian L Hoskins, a visual artist whose endeavor it is to make each reader see what he is saying. The work covertly speaks of the paradox of being an individual African American man born and reared in an age were conformity is the accepted norm, while blatantly addressing issues of the sentient human irrespective of background.

    The work delivers poignant descriptions of death, love, childbirth, fatherhood, the reality of marriage, and spirituality, while leaving room for whimsical verse on hope, childhood reflections and the importance of simply enjoying life. There are serious overtures of a connection to a higher power with each poem. There is also a very strong humanistic quality present that seems to cross many boundaries. But make no mistake there is a clarity of voice here that is distinctly that of a young black man.

    Damian Hoskins seems to writes with his soul exposed. At times the trepidation involved in such an honest endeavor is obvious, at other times the courage of each word is evident, but never-the-less The Prose of Moses Guthrie tells a real life story in couplet, quatrain, in prose and in a spoken word style that looks to conjure mental vignettes for all that read them.