The Pressure's On
Coping with Life's Pressures
By: Sharon A. Langevin

The Pressure's On <BR>Coping with Life's Pressures <BR>By: Sharon A. Langevin
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-997-2
    Edition: Paperback, 61 Pages
    Publication Date: February 11, 2009
    Why are so many things happening in this world today? We experience earthquakes, and hurricanes, tornados and drought. Poverty, home foreclosures and inflated gas and food prices are also in existence. Wars and rumors of wars, gang violence and crime happening all the time; one might ask, why is all this happening? One can safely say that the pressure is on and sometimes it feels like you canít escape it. So whatís a Christian to do? There are many things we can do and one of those things is not to panic. We have to remember who our trust is in, and when the pressureís on, we have to lean heavily on God and His instruction. Life can be enjoyable when you look to God for help, and this book reveals many pressures in life and how to cope with their demands and it will also give the support you need when the pressureís on.