The Overworld
By: Hannah May Martin

The Overworld <BR>By: Hannah May Martin
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    ISBN: 1-932701-03-6
    Edition: Adobe Reader, 224 Pages
    Publication Date: December 30, 2003
    What can Frieda, the worker-ant regent of the pillaged black antsí nest do to prevent her own assassination by the very queen successor she installs? In The Overworld, the reader and Frieda trek with Boy Ant, Boss, Grinder and Moon Runner through the subterranean tunnels of the ant nests and out into the blinding overworld, where gravity no longer commands, water seizes like an adhesive, aroma proves far more useful than light, meadows exist as predatory jungles and the ant sisterhoods speak by means of honey.

    Hard to believe, but the scenery and the surprising; ofttimes violent details of their lives in this nature fantasy are documented by insect naturalists.