The Nile Queen
By: William T. Moore, MD

The Nile Queen <BR>By: William T. Moore, MD
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-368-6
    Edition: Hardcover, 215 Pages
    Publication Date: March 6, 2012
    Other Editions: Paperback
    The Nile Queen is a story involving two of the world’s greatest universities – the world’s oldest Al Azhar of Cairo, Egypt, and one of America’s greatest universities, the University of Chicago. The United States Department of State under the direction of Mrs. Clinton initiated a cultural exchange between the two great universities to enhance the relations between the two countries. America is not popular with the Egyptian people, with polls indicating that 65percent of Egyptians do not look favorably upon the United States. Mrs. Clinton is using this approach to create a better understanding between the two cultures.

    The Egyptian contingent is headed by a brother and sister team – Amana and Moese Krafar. They each received their MD degrees from Oxford, the great English University.

    Amana is a beautiful lady, popularly referred to by her adoring public as the “Nile Queen”. She and Moese are active teaching in their profession within the Al Azhar University.

    The FBI is alarmed in knowing of the agreement between the two universities, fearing that the Egyptian delegation may be infiltrated with radical Islamic members, who may wish to use this exchange to plot injury to the United States within the Great Lake area of Chicago.

    The story deals with this possibility, and what the FBI used to counter this danger.