The Lost Legend of Jesus Christ
By: Erma Lee Summerset

The Lost Legend of Jesus Christ<br>By: Erma Lee Summerset
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    This book explains how the mysteries of the Lost Legend of Jesus Christ, Shroud of Turin and Rapture are a three-in-one, uniquely designed pattern through our empowering, powerful Holy Spirit. He relayed information to me to pass on to you for the sake of getting a different view of Jesus Christ. This design will help you come into a clearer understanding of Him and His Ministry that He had while on this Earth; allowing you to see Him in a new way.

    These unique patterns include drawings of art that are compelling proof which verifies what I have discerned in the spirit and have written about in this book. This powerful design, by the Holy Spirit, was relayed to me over a period of twenty-five years. I am certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have been called upon to relay this mystical information about these mysteries of our universe to you.

    I now share my insights into these mysteries with you in this book.

    Hardback 150 pages
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