Things I Must Ask U! Part VI
By: Ms. Eunice

Things I Must Ask U! Part VI <BR>By: Ms. Eunice
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-403-4
    Edition: Paperback, 211 Pages
    Publication Date: June 20, 2012
    May I ask what R whom do U believe in? Do U think Mother Nature had something to do with everything existing? If U do feel this way then what about the beginning of time, how do U think things generated back then? Iím asking all this to see if God is in your life. Is He Someone U say hi to every now and then? Is He Someone U only call on when youíre in trouble? Is He Someone youíve always been curious about but didnít know how to meet Him? Is He only like a fairy tooth godmother to U? Only want Him when U need something! My friend I truly hope if U ever felt anything feel me now. God is real and Heís only a prayer away. Heís just waiting on U to cry out to Him and call on His name. A name thatís above every name, a name that every knee shall bow to and every tongue shall confess to, a name that needs no introduction, a name that the wind and the sea obeys. In these last and evil days where any and everything is happening itís almost scary to leave your home at night and those that do sometime takes some kind of protection with them in fear of being attacked R killed. It used to B a time when a group of boys would see a man walking down the street coming towards them they would cross over to the other side but now when a man is walking down the street and sees a group of boys heíll cross over to the other side. Weíre living in perils times my friend and if U donít have the Lordís hands on your life for protection, youíre an open target for the enemy. Canít U see how people will take a life without any remorse? This book is written to put a little sumíthin sumíthin on your mind and for U to think if God would come today would U-B ready R would U-B like some of them thatís in the graveyard that thought the same thing of ďIíll get it together later.Ē