Tell It For A Toll, Toll It For A Tale
By: Betty Judd-Leisten

Tell It For A Toll, Toll It For A Tale <BR>By: Betty Judd-Leisten
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    Willow Grove is a new beginning for the Lennox family.

    The best thing that ever happened to them. Lois and her two boys had to get away from an abusive husband and father. Divorced and free, this was the place to start fresh.

    Money was scarce, but Lois had a job with advancement. She knew they could make it. The rickety old house, with an orchard, she rented on the outskirts of town was livable. The old stories about it being haunted couldn’t be true, could they?

    Life was good and getting better all the time. The boys settled in and made friends. Ethan, the oldest, was good at basketball and made first string on the team.

    Then, the madness returned. Lewis Lennox came to town. No! Not again, Lois won’t let it happen again.

    With help from Reverend Garrett and school teacher Donald Griffin. Can she make it? The odds are in her favor.

    Trade Paperback 102 pages
    ISBN: 1-59824-057-9
    Publisher: E-BookTime, LLC
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