The Infant Earth
By: Katherine M. Grossmueller

The Infant Earth <br>By: Katherine M. Grossmueller
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    The Infant Earth is about a world that is dying, and another newly born. A cousin that was once a member of the Elfin royal family teams up with a warring wizard that vows to destroy the royal family that drove him out into an already dead part of the planet to die.

    A meeting is held and all the heads of the clans decide to go to war. The war is won, but they find out the best thing they can do is leave their planet in search of a new home.

    As they leave their planet an orb follows them through a warp that takes them into our galaxy and stays with them as they land on the red planet to help the people there. They know somehow this is not the planet for them. As they ready themselves to leave the orb turns into an angel of the creator who takes them to a newly born planet called Earth.

    On Earth they will start a new life and, in-turn, they will teach the new humans the things they will need to know to live a better life.

    Trade Paperback 206 pages
    ISBN 1-932701-69-9
    Publisher: E-BookTime, LLC
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