Time, History, and the Auto
By: Alvin Fixler

Time, History, and the Auto <br>By: Alvin Fixler
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-531-4
    Edition: Paperback, 256 Pages
    Publication Date: December 16, 2013
    “Time, History, and the Auto” is a book describing selected antique, oldtime, and classic automobiles from the years 1892 to 1935. A car is listed for each year. The autos are briefly described on each year/page alongside selected events, happenings, and notable occurrences in the fields of politics, government, drama, music, literature, theater, sports, painting, international news, and science.

    The auto makes belonging to the aforementioned period include, among others: Duesenberg, Duryea, La Salle, Marmon, Auburn, Austin, Graham, Hupmobile, Mercer, Essex, the Cummins Diesel Powered Auburn, Reo, King, Struss, Haynes-Apperson, Northern, Peerless, Brush, Orient, Badger, Oakland, Chadwick, Chalmers-Detroit, Simplex, Apperson, and Briscoe.

    Other cars include the following: Crane-Simplex, Imperial, Detroiter, Doble Steamer, Jeffery, Metz, Scripps-Booth, Kissel, Stearns-Knight, Crow-Elkhart, Franklin, McFarlan, Milburn, Overland, R & V Knight, Brewster, Daniels, Dort, Falcon, Ferris, Fox, Kenworthy, Lexington, Mitchell, and Parenti.