The Guardian
By: Ruby Moon-Houldson

The Guardian <BR>By: Ruby Moon-Houldson
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    This is the book you asked for – the book you have all been waiting for. Within these pages you will learn how it all began.

    Join Hephate and Remiel (Jadyn and Christopher) in the upper realms. Be there at their first meeting; see how their bond was formed, and how it turns into pure love. Walk with them upon golden streets and fight beside them as they battle evil. Sojourn with the Guardian and the Pure One as they carry out duties for the Great One.

    Stand with Hephate and Remiel as two souls are stolen from the Hall of Souls. Listen alongside Hephate as she is told of Remiel’s punishment and of his banishment from the upper realms. Drop to your knees beside her as she begs for the Great One to have mercy upon Remiel.

    Follow Jadyn and Christopher through the vicious cycle of life and death from the years 1290 to 2000. See what happens as Jadyn and Christopher struggle against evil in order to be free to love each other. Die over and over again as evil hunts Jadyn down and snatches her from Christopher’s arms.

    Discover how Hephate is trained by a Pure One, a Master – taught the secrets of the upper realms – secrets and magical charms that will afford her the right to eventually be called the greatest Guardian that ever existed.

    Be with Jadyn through each life as she struggles to free Christopher from the vampire curse, each time failing, only to be renewed once more in order to start the cycle all over again. Laugh, cry, love, and die with…The Guardian.

    Trade Paperback 185 pages
    ISBN: 1-59824-059-5
    Publisher: E-BookTime, LLC