Time for U to Choose! Part II
By: Ms. Eunice

Time for U to Choose! Part II <BR>By: Ms. Eunice
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-604-5
    Edition: Paperback, 214 Pages
    Publication Date: November 3, 2015
    As the world keeps turning around and around it never seems to amaze me that people just donít get it. I just canít understand how people see the writing on the wall but no oneís paying any attention. Someone had to trigger this world to make it spin and not fall out of the sky. There has to B a Higher Being somewhere to make these kinda things happen. However man sees miracles everyday yet he wonít believe that Someone had to perform them to happen. Man will give man more credit than he will give God, saying it must B something scientific to make things like that happen. Timeout in trying to prove if there is a God R not, if U read the Holy Bible youíll see that itís being fulfilled. God is soon to come and if U donít get right youíre gonna get left. This book will show U how God uses ordinary people and what U must do to B one of His.