The Family Tree
By: Tammy Vreeland

The Family Tree <bR>By: Tammy Vreeland
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-317-4
    Edition: Hardcover, 351 Pages
    Publication Date: July 27, 2011
    Other Editions: Paperback
    Katherine looks down at the book as she lightly runs her fingers over the cover. She can feel the raised insignia of the oak tree with mistletoe in the branches. The title is elegantly written with beautiful penmanship which spells out “The Family Tree”.

    She timidly opens the book and looks down at the familiar pages in front of her. Tears begin to form in her eyes as she subconsciously rubs her stomach.

    Katherine thumbs through the pages. She had always been taught that through her past her future is determined. But, she did not like what her future was to bring.

    Why were her ancestors allowed to decide the fate of her unborn twins? Why couldn’t she have a choice? Didn’t they know what the consequences were? Or were they so blind to the religion, they didn’t see it for what it really is?

    Again Katherine thinks about the title of the book. Her Family Tree had deep dark roots. Many branches filled the tree but all were tied to one dark secret.

    Katherine realizes that she is the one that must cut this tree down. But, how and at what cost? She feels a kick from one of the twins and this gives her hope.

    The key had to be the religion. What its origins were, why it was created and how to destroy it. The religion was so old and forgotten that only through tradition had it survived.

    Katherine thinks to herself, maybe this generation needed to start a tradition of their own!