The Future for Baby Boomers (As I See It)
By: David Leber

The Future for Baby Boomers (As I See It) <BR>By: David Leber
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    ISBN: 1-59824-324-1
    Edition: Paperback, 71 Pages
    Publication Date: October 18, 2006
    Dave Leber, part of the early wave of 78 million baby boomers in the United States, completed this book just before turning 60 on July 25, 2006. A lifelong student of human behavior and motivation, Dave graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1968 with a degree in psychology. A Certified Financial Planner®, Chartered Financial Consultant and Certified Senior Advisor, Dave has been advising baby boomers and near-boomers for over 37 years in the area of financial life planning. Dave feels ideally suited to guide baby boomers into the next stages of their lives.

    The Future for Baby Boomers (As I See It) is Dave’s fourth book, following Finding Your True Self, Taking Charge: Life Enhancing Strategies for People Over Forty and Giving Back: Making Life Better for Ourselves and Our Society. A proud father and (young) grandfather, Dave hopes Jimmy Buffett will write a sequel to A Pirate Turns 50, as Jimmy turns 60 later this year.

    Dave hopes you enjoy his latest book and that you get at least one or two good ideas that you can apply in the next stages of your life.