The Diary of a Believer
By: Sheila G. Gibson

The Diary of a Believer <BR>By: Sheila G. Gibson
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-795-4
    Edition: Paperback, 165 Pages
    Publication Date: March 28, 2008
    The Diary of a Believer is the story of one believerís quest to break free from spiritual mediocrity in order to discover, know, and love the Lord described in the Holy Scriptures. It chronicles the journey that Sheila Gibson began as a young girl inside a common, traditional, Christian organization known as the Church of Christ.

    It explores the blueprints of religious patterns often used to seek Christ within that group of believers. It also reveals the disturbing lengths that some brethren will go to protect those traditional formulas and doctrinal boundaries within the brotherhood.

    The Diary of a Believer is for anyone thatÖ

    • Has fallen for the assumption that religious performance supersedes the value of an intimate friendship with the Lord.
    • Has been led to believe the Holy Spirit is no longer active.
    • Feels lost inside the maze of Christian tradition.
    • Questions the purpose or benefits of a relationship with the Lord.
    • Has bought into the lie that says one must earn salvation under the guidance of specific church doctrine.
    • Has been left unfulfilled or doubting in their faith.
    • Has been encouraged to love the Word of the Lord, yet randomly dismiss major portions of it as being no longer applicable in the lives of todayís believers.
    If youíre struggling with any of these matters, The Diary of a Believer is for you.

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