Tangier Sunset
By: Monroe Williams

Tangier Sunset <BR>By: Monroe Williams
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-170-5
    Edition: Paperback, 192 Pages
    Publication Date: May 19, 2010
    Being strikingly beautiful and highly intelligent, Delilah Branson could have been anyone she wanted, but because of a violent teenage rape, her attitude toward men melted into a world of hatred and revenge. She became a first class assassin for the underworld, and her favorite targets were men.

    Undercover FBI agent, Vince Lamonte, was the pivotal player in bringing down a powerful New York mob family and was immediately placed on the “Witness Protection Plan” for his own safety. He chose to live on a tiny land mass in the upper Chesapeake Bay called “Tangier Island.”

    When mob boss, Frank Castellano, now behind bars, learns the name of the agent and where he is hiding, a “hit” was ordered and the job was placed into the hands of the young assassin.

    The events surrounding the planned assassination take many dangerous and exciting twists and turns for Delilah, her victim, and the good people of Tangier Island.