By: Tammy Vreeland

Tailor <BR>By: Tammy Vreeland
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-785-5
    Edition: Paperback, 300 Pages
    Publication Date: March 26, 2008
    Other Editions: Hardcover
    John is a small town reporter who has just been given the chance of a lifetime. The notorious serial killer, Taylor the Tailor, has requested him personally to write her life story. The catch is, John has only three days before Taylor is to be electrocuted to interview her.

    During those three days, John unravels a story like no other. Overwhelmed in just the first interview, John turns to his young assistant Lauren for help. Lauren readily agrees and heads to Taylorís hometown to come up with cold hard facts to help make Taylorís story a credible one.

    However, both Lauren and John quickly realize that Taylorís tale may not be that easy to prove. Although both of them are skeptics at heart, they are finding out that Taylorís story is not an easy one to understand or believe. Especially with its supernatural undertones.

    Johnís interviews start off with Taylorís childhood. To his horror, John realizes that Taylor had begun to kill as early as the age of four with her first victim being her father. As Taylor grows up, her list of victims increases as her skills for being ďThe TailorĒ sharpen.

    Tim is Taylorís brother who had been institutionalized at a very young age; upon being released, Tim had changed his name so as not to be connected with Taylor in any fashion. Unfortunately, due to Taylorís impending doom, Tim finds himself thrown back into Taylorís world.

    Tim and Lauren team up to try and put a stop to Taylorís evil once and for all. Yet, all of them question why Taylor wants her story to be told now? Is it to seek redemption for all the bad deeds she has done, knowing her time is limited? Maybe, it is to brag to the world how much she got away with and how she did it? Or, is it something so much darker that none of them will find out until the third day, at the stroke of midnight?