The Afterschoolers
By: Gene McCants

The Afterschoolers <BR>By: Gene McCants
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-453-9
    Edition: Paperback, 251 Pages
    Publication Date: December 15, 2012
    Growing up on the south side of Binghamton, New York in the 1970ís was full of excitement, adventure and wonderment for young Floyd Davis. He was surrounded by the many things that allow a child to grow up into a respectable adult. To show compassion, loyalty, and respect for others while carrying yourself with pride, dignity and integrity. He was raised in a community during that time known as the Saratoga Apartments, a multi-racial housing development surrounded by heavily dense forest that provided the best nature had to offer. During his childhood, Floyd, along with three of his closest friends, would forge a bond that would last a lifetime. That same bond of friendship would also prove invaluable over time as Floyd sees an ongoing problem with a criminal element that stands to cast a dark cloud over everything he cherishes the most, his family, friends and the memories of growing up in the city. No longer able to ignore what has being going on, he finds himself having to take matters into his own hands to put a stop to it all.