Subterranean Threat
The Genshees
By: Lenard F. Hines

Subterranean Threat <BR>The Genshees <BR>By: Lenard F. Hines
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-743-5
    Edition: Paperback, 272 Pages
    Publication Date: December 12, 2007
    This book is a companion to my first book Time Snatchers and is meant to take the reader before and past the events that transpired in Time Snatchers.

    The alien race of Genshees have entrenched themselves in cities beneath the earth. It is from this base of operations beneath the earth Doctor North and his cohorts began their reign of terror on earthís topside human inhabitants.

    Alien technology, so superior to anything the humans have at the present time, is used to further the devious plans of the two renegade alien doctors.

    The city of Los Angels on the parallel world is the city of Los Angeles on the real earth. It was revealed by Agent Jeff Thompson, through his computer hacking abilities, Doctor North is gaining financing of his devious projects by funneling monies obtained by political pressure on various government agencies. These monies are than laundered through the Quantum Physics Lab at Los Angeles to the Quantum Physics Labís illicit operations located at Los Angels.

    The two notorious Doctors North and Green, which had eluded the net so far cast by Special Agent Lankford F. Miller and his team, were up to their old tricks again. Special Agent Millerís old time friend, who was head of a super secret organization in London dedicated to flushing out and capturing terrorists worldwide, was alerted by unusual activity in the Great Bear Wilderness Area of Montana. Special Agent Miller with help from his friends in the FBI and the CIA devised a raid on the tunnel complex in Montana that would hopefully capture Doctor North and shut down his illicit operations once and for all.