So Proudly We Served
By: Charles V. Falzone

So Proudly We Served <BR>By: Charles V. Falzone
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-766-4
    Edition: Hardcover, 218 Pages
    Publication Date: January 25, 2008
    Other Editions: Paperback
    The True Story of Charles Falzone and Catherine Brogan-Falzone

    Most of us as Americans know all about war; by watching TV or going to school or to the movies. Our history books and the foundation of our country were built on war. You could say that Americans are fascinated with war and the history of wars, believe it or not most of us will never be in a war. Our armed forces are there for you to enlist in or be drafted into in case of war. Only a small percent of us actually fought in our wars, except our civil war, which took only American lives.

    Not many of us will ever live the lives that Charles Vincent Falzone and Catherine Brogan-Falzone lived. Their amazing lives were only something we saw in the movies, or read about in books. Out of war came a beautiful romance and love that bore three sons. This book is not about war, it is about love and dedication. War is the background; dedication and love also comes with war.

    It is hard to believe that two people could meet and fall in love during a time of three wars. Not make believe love, but a special love that would last for over fifty years. They met in time of war and lived through the terrible events that go with war. He was a medic first and a Warrant-Officer/M-Sgt second. His dedication to saving lives came first. She was a Captain of Nurses dedicated to the care of her patients.

    This book will take you on a journey of war, love, and peace. The lives of these two extraordinary people who lived for their country, would have given their lives to save their fellow soldiers. They were blessed with a dedication and love for their fellow man. Read on to discover Charles Falzone and Catherine Brogan-Falzone on their fascinating journey through life. They were soldiers.