Science of the Soul
Meditation on the Inner Light and Sound
By: John Magnus

Science of the Soul <BR>Meditation on the Inner Light and Sound <br>By: John Magnus
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-483-0
    Edition: Paperback, 137 Pages
    Publication Date: April 26, 2007
    Science of the Soul presents the knowledge of meditation on the inner light and sound as a path of esotericism that leads to the experience of inner communion with the soul. The author contrasts this with other esoteric paths through his vast knowledge in this field as a fulfilled mystic. The book covers the path of devotion, the path of yoga and the path of kundalini shakti. These paths are discussed in detail through the esoteric experiences of the author which span over a period of two decades.

    The book then goes on to outline in great detail all aspects of the path of meditation on the inner light and sound and offers this as the most suitable path to inner enlightenment for a seeker in this age. The benefits of inner peace and joy, renewed vigour and spiritual centeredness and the desire to live life to its fullest and to express our highest potential in all we do and undertake are all qualities of the soul. These qualities are fully manifested in the individual through the meditation practices presented in this book.

    The techniques of meditation are presented in a structured and scientific manner, which makes it very easy to practice. It is laid out in a stepwise order, so that people of all age groups; young men and women, middle aged and the elderly, can easily follow the simple techniques of meditation and inner concentration without strenuous effort.

    The book does not go into doctrines and religious dogma and belief systems. It simply presents this science as a universal science of the individual soul that transcends religious dogma and reveals to us the Divinity indwelling within each and every one of us. This inner experience improves the quality of our experience of every aspect of our lives. If we are Christians, we become better Christians. If we are Muslims, we become better Muslims. If we are Hindus or Buddhists or Jewish, we become better Hindus, Buddhists or better Jews.

    A beginner on this path will find the introductory techniques of meditation presented here-in a sound foundation for their inner search. An advanced or experienced meditator will be benefitted from the authorís experiences of the inner path and the challenges of the path which he sincerely shares in this book which will definitely enrich every seekerís spiritual journey.