7 Keys for Successful Counseling
By: Milad Zekry Philipos, Ph.D.

7 Keys for Successful Counseling <BR>By: Milad Zekry Philipos, Ph.D.
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    ISBN: 1-59824-105-2
    Edition: Paperback, 115 Pages
    Publication Date: November 2005
    The 7 Keys for Successful Counseling is an authenticated research in the best sense that appears nowhere else. Among recent psychological and counseling works, it is a successful answer to modern demands on scientific and theological basis. After more than 40 years in Godís work, the author has summarized his experiences to bring new religious and psychological views about counseling to help in managing human crises and modify the counseling ministry. His studies activate a set of potential techniques and growth opportunities to integrate the theory and the practice of counseling to power all relationships, which benefits both secular and religious practitioners.