SCARS: Is There a Man for Me?
By: LaVeisha Mobley

SCARS: Is There a Man for Me? <br>By: LaVeisha Mobley
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    ISBN: 1-59824-095-1
    Edition: Paperback, 232 Pages
    Publication Date: December 2005
    “A must read book! Find out which character mirrors you…”

    SCARS centers around the lives of four beautiful young women who have been busted and disgusted, raped, molested and neglected. Syraka, Carina, Ava, and Reina are best friends who soon learn that they are their sister’s keepers. Syraka travels from relationship to relationship giving her goods away like they're “no good.” Carina becomes complacent with being a punching bag. Will she ever find an escape? “Str8” hood and “keepin” it gansta, Ava will keep you “guessin” and have you “stressin!” She is as real as they come with her dangerous advice and raw mentality of men! Reina, the celebrity of the group, is so rich she thinks her money is all she needs for survival. “Boi” are these women in for the shock of their lives. Witness the life changing experiences of a group of women known as “SCAR”.