Supermen and the Coming Utopia
Book Three
By: Robert B. Corbett

Supermen and the Coming Utopia <BR>Book Three <BR>By: Robert B. Corbett
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-624-3
    Edition: Paperback, 266 Pages
    Publication Date: December 1, 2015
    I wrote in one of my books that over 10,000 churches have closed their doors since the year 2000. If America is going to survive, it must have a major revival that will flow out far beyond its national borders. Godís people had better get back on their knees in their hearts and seek his forgiveness. Sports, and other means of entertainment, must be comparatively marginalized, but not abandoned.

    The Progressive looks to the federal government to solve his problems. The secular conservative believes that hard work, individual responsibility, freedom, and our constitution can save him, but Godís people realize that we as a people will not make it unless we get back to the Bible. There are a lot of people I could quote, voices from the past, but I will forgo the effort. I am tired of so called conservatives quoting Ronald Reagan or any other national hero they feel compelled to quote. What Reagan would do is not important, but what Jesus wants you to do is. Reagan canít save us, he is dead. I serve a risen Saviour who tells me, and the rest of you out there, that have a relationship with him that all power is given to him in Heaven and Earth. The ultimate solution to our problem is not another civil war, or the Republican Party getting more votes and the upper hand in our seats of power, but in the original mandate Christ announced before leaving this Earth. Go ye therefore and make disciples teaching them all things whatsoever I have commanded you.

    If we want to transform our society back to the Christian society we once enjoyed, we must obey the Lordís command, as individuals, as well as the collective organic body of Christ. We do have the power to make a difference. Our Lord has already won the battle; our job is to be salt, and light, in our society, and the world until he comes back.