Staying Alive in Lampasas County
By: Glenn A. Blake

Staying Alive in Lampasas County <BR>By: Glenn A. Blake
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-349-5
    Edition: Paperback, 189 Pages
    Publication Date: November 21, 2011
    What would entice you to risk everything, your very life and those of your wife and sons? Pink Higgins didnít know either but he did just that when he left his Georgia farm for a God-forsaken place in Texas called Lampasas County.

    Staying Alive in Lampasas County follows this determined young man and his family on a treacherous journey by wagon train across the southeastern United States to the wild and cruel frontier of the mid-nineteenth century Texas. There we ride with him through horrifying Indian raids, skirmishes with heartless outlaws, exhausting trail drives, feuds with neighbors, tender moments with a proud but loving wife and the challenges of raising two sons under the harshest of conditions. With grit and determination he took on everything this cruel land and mean people could offer and he bested them all.

    In a land where there was no law, he lived by the rules of decency and common sense and expected others to do the same, often with the aid of his Winchester rifle.

    Loved by those dear to him, revered by many and feared by many more, Pink Higgins carved his name into the history of central Texas and became the leading character in one of the most remarkable and violent events ever to occur there.

    Every reader of western adventure novels and every western history buff wants to read about this sort of man. For everyone raised in the West, this man brings someone familiar to mind and everyone who has ever dreamed about overcoming monumental odds to reach a goal in life wants to be like this remarkable man. The history of central Texas would be incomplete without the mention of Pink Higgins.