Raising Shelby
By: Margaret Gardner

Raising Shelby <br>By: Margaret Gardner
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    ISBN: 1-932701-94-X
    Edition: Paperback, 65 Pages
    Publication Date: March 2005
    I was four days from turning thirty-one when I gave birth to a big, healthy, handsome baby boy we named Shelby.

    Eight months later a neurologist told us Shelby would never walk or be potty trained but six months later Shelby walked. And three years later Shelby became potty trained.

    A nurse once told us Shelby may never speak. Although Shelby is currently far behind other children his age in his speech ability he communicates very effectively verbally and non verbally.

    Shelbyís dentist said he would never brush his own teeth yet the last two years of his care of our sonís teeth he witnessed himself how well Shelby became able to care for his teeth himself.

    Shelby currently does practically everything several professions claimed he would never do which is why Iím so glad we put our trust in the power that is capable of exceeding the medical expectations.