"Psychiatry" An Industry of Greed, Misery and Death: Exposed!
By: Jose Cardona

"Psychiatry" An Industry of Greed, Misery and Death: Exposed! <BR>By: Jose Cardona
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-160-6
    Edition: Paperback, 258 Pages
    Publication Date: April 23, 2010
    The author, Jose Cardona, knows firsthand of the dangerous consequences of trusting a so-called “doctor” or psychiatrist. Only because he suffered with insomnia and anxiety, caused by the paints he used in his painting and decorating business, he was immediately prescribed Dalmane, a benzodiazepine, which is a very addictive, lethal, mind-altering drug.

    He also experienced the horrors of being withdrawn “cold turkey” from it by another so-called doctor, or psychiatrist, and barely survived with his sanity and life, to warn people about these “licensed” drug dealers and “licensed” drug pushers.