Prisoners In Time
An Amy Jones Adventure
By: Ken Drake

Prisoners In Time <br>An Amy Jones Adventure <br>By: Ken Drake
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    A 13 year old girl joins her family for an innocent weekend in the Colorado mountains. Traveling in their motor home they find adventure on a muddy road, at the bottom of an unmarked canyon, as well as an abandoned house filled with left behind treasures from the 1890ís and in the basement, a time machine.

    Join Amy Jones and her family as they take off to the future to help the inventor of the time machine rescue his family and then try to get everyone back home. Join in their struggle against the evil John Royce as he attempts to take over a future time and hold Amy and her sisters and the inventorís family captive to keep his power and to stop Amyís dad and the inventor from ruining his plans.

    This is the first in a series of Amy Jones adventures, where she tells us in her own words of their kidnapping and of her fight to over come her own fears and lack of self confidence, as she tries to save herself and the other prisoners from possible death or separation from her dad and family forever. Itís easy to tell from the beginning that this is a book for all ages, that will keep you interested to the last page. Enjoy.

    Trade Paperback 262 pages
    ISBN 1-932701-42-7
    Publisher: E-BookTime, LLC
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